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Enhancing Life through Water

A global collaboration of specialists

Welcome to AquaMunit, a global collaboration of specialists dedicated to rehabilitation, training, relaxation, and fun in water. Our team includes doctors, paramedics, engineers, builders, and technical experts, united by our shared passion for water-related solutions.

At AquaMunit, we believe in the power of collective expertise. By pooling our knowledge and resources, we can achieve remarkable results and create innovative solutions together.

Protected and strengthened by water

We recognize the numerous benefits of exercising in this natural element. Water's buoyant pressure reduces the body's weight, minimizing strain on muscles and joints compared to land-based activities. Whether you're seeking rehabilitation, recovery, sports training, or relaxation, hydrotherapy harnesses the forces of water to enhance and amplify the process.

AquaMunit develops and offers a wide range of products for water-based movement. Our offerings cater to both rehabilitation and (top-level) sports training. From underwater bicycles and treadmills to swimming pools with counter-current systems, our products support diverse fitness goals. Additionally, we provide options for relaxation and recovery, including customizable swimming pools and Jacuzzis tailored to individual needs.

Personalized products

Our mission is to deliver personalized products that meet each customer's unique requirements, utilizing AquaMunit's knowledge and expertise.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and flexibility, AquaMunit maintains close partnerships with practical and technical specialists worldwide. This network allows us to continuously develop and optimize our products. Moreover, we offer comprehensive customer support throughout the entire process, from development and manufacturing to delivery and maintenance. Through our partner network, we can swiftly connect customers with the right specialists for any inquiries or concerns.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials. Our products are designed for durability, minimal maintenance costs, and user-friendliness. By adopting this approach, AquaMunit aims to contribute to sustainable production practices and cost reduction for our customers.

Water-Focused Solutions, but also on land

Although hydrotherapy is an excellent means to enhance a rehabilitation, recovery, or training process, it can often be seen as only a part of the overall process. Therefore, we believe even more in the combination of hydrotherapy and land-based therapy or training. That is why we also provide carefully selected equipment for recovery and training outside the water to our clients and partners. This includes equipment for strength training, cardiovascular training, as well as various aids for physiotherapists.

By harnessing the power of both, individuals can achieve their goals faster and better. We aim to optimize the support for doctors, therapists, and, consequently, their patients, and therefore act as a one-stop-shop. You will find water-based equipment and equipment for use outside the water with us. Additionally, we offer parts and services.

Curious to learn more about us? Contact AquaMunit today to discover how our solutions can transform your experience of rehabilitation, training, relaxation, and fun.